hercules c130 pan
lockheed c130


MATERIAL: Acrylic Scanner Window

TREATMENTS: Hard coated

FEATURES: Dual pane with rolled aluminum spacer

hercules 1We specialize in advanced thermopolymer formations in stretched acrylic, cast acrylic and polycarbonate, always with minimal optical distortion and aberration. CLI can also offer forms in fiberglass laminate for applications such as window edgings. Our enterprise possesses comprehensive experience employing the latest and most advanced techniques within the industry to achieve precise control of contour creating the very highest quality products for strength and durability.

Within the transparency industry, our specialty is working with bi-axially stretched acrylics, (MIL-PRF-25690), a stronger, crack propagation resistant acrylic, cast acrylics (MIL-PRF-8184 and MIL-PRF-5425), and polycarbonate. CLI employs various industry standard techniques such as drape forming, vacuum forming, wet forming and blow forming to achieve precise control of window contour, yet always maintaining defect and distortion free optics. We can also form products on customer supplied tools or assist you in the development of specific products, and in the building of new tools for complex applications.

CLI  holds a BSI AS9100 certificate in quality assurance and has received various accolades for its exceptional products and services and we are proud to benchmark our service on meeting and often exceeding customer requirements for process controls and product inspection.

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