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head coatings




Hard coats are applied to formed transparencies in our class 100 clean room providing protection from surface damage and environmental degradation. CLI has invested heavily in the technology of hard coats. This investment of time and money allows us to provide solutions for even the most difficult application.

coatingAs a Post-Coater (applying our coatings after they have been formed), we offer the industries' highest level of performance coatings.

1.  Abrasion Resistance
2.  Chemical Resistance
3.  Clarity
4.  Anti-Fog Performance

Our exclusive Polycarbonate Hard-Coat gives you the highest level of performance available today. Our hard-coat repels water better than any temporary window treatment, and will withstand the use of wipers when necessary. CLI can meet customer requirements for silicone based hard coats on polycarbonate and acrylic transparencies. A well-developed process has been perfected to ensure coatings provide lasting protection without negative effects on optical characteristics. Coupon testing is performed after every batch coated to test for adhesion, chemical and environmental resistance, and clarity. CLI has developed a meticulous five-step cleaning process to prepare windows for coating in our class 100 clean room. Fluids are tested every session and environmental conditions are well controlled to give consistent, superior results in the field. CLI has never had a part return for poor performance of the hard coat.