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Supplier Awareness, Expectations & Flowdown Requirements


This page outlines the requirements that Control Logistics, Inc.'s (CLI's) QMS approved vendors must meet or exceed. The standards are created to ensure our customers receive the level of service required to safeguard compliance with AS9100 and to meet or exceed our customers' expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service.

Record Retention

All QMS approved vendors shall establish and maintain records providing evidence of the conformity of products produced under CLI's purchase order for the minimum number of years defined by its customers. In the absence of specific instruction from CLI, all records must be maintained for a minimum of ten (10) years.  Records shall be made available to CLI, its customers and/or regulatory agencies upon request.

Certificate of Compliance / Special Processes

All QMS approved vendors shall provide a signed supplier certificate of compliance / certificate of conformance to certify all pre-requisites and obligations of the purchase order have been met and completed with each shipment.  The certificate should clearly identify the part number — including revision, quantity, Country of Origin, and CLI's purchase order number.

A vendor's acceptance of a CLI purchase order certifies the materials and processes supplied under said purchase order shall be or have been controlled and inspected in accordance with CLI's purchase order, and they meet the specified order requirements, as referenced through specifications and drawings.

All QMS approved vendors shall provide certifications for all special processes and nondestructive test results performed with each shipment. The certificate shall identify the processor, controlling specification & revision, and the results of each test or measurement performed.  The certificate shall also include part number — including revisions, batch and/or serial numbers reflected within the certificate.

Nonconforming Product

All QMS approved vendors shall notify CLI of any potentially nonconforming product prior to shipment and await approval by CLI before the product is shipped. Upon approval, the nonconforming product must be clearly identified and packaged separately from any other product/s in the shipment. Upon determination of having shipped any non-confoming product (determination made after shipping), vendors shall notify CLI immediately. If it is established the vendor is responsible for:

A) The root cause of a non-conforming product,

B) Ineffective Corrective Action, or,

C) Failure to respond within the specified time, a Corrective Action will be issued by CLI. 

Failure to comply with CLI's Corrective Action process can result in the suspension of the vendor's approved status.

Flow-Down Requirements

All QMS approved vendors shall flow-down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements as outlined by the purchase order either specifically or by reference. This flow down may include ITAR, MLA, MA,TAA, AS9100D and EAR requirements as applicable. In addition, all persons involved in the contribution of product, service conformity, product safety, or ethical behavior shall be constrained to the compliance of this order.

Changes in Product or Process Definitions

All QMS approved vendors shall notify CLI of any changes in the product and/or process or location used in the manufacture or processing of the product.  CLI reserves the right for approval of a product, parts and/or materials used, as well as the processes performed or equipment utilized by the vendor in fulfilling CLI’s purchase order.

Unauthorized material substitutions are not permitted on Buyer’s Goods. Unauthorized material substitution includes any deviation from the engineering definition of a raw material. Engineering definition includes Buyer design drawing and applicable specifications, product specification, form, size, shape, chemistry, melt method, origin, temper/condition, product testing and surface finish. Alternate materials specified in the engineering definition (and often described as approved material substitutions therein) do not constitute unauthorized material substitution.

Right of Access

All QMS approved vendors agree to the right of entry and access for CLI, its customers or regulatory agencies,  into any related facilities and the access to all records — at any level of the supply chain — involved under the performance of the purchase order or contract upon request.

Calibration System

All QMS approved vendors shall have a documented calibration system.


All QMS approved vendors shall hold all information received from CLI in confidence and no third party request for information will be authorized unless approved, in writing, by CLI.

Other Requirements

CLI reserves the right to cancel this order if the material does not contain the quality specified above and is not delivered on time.
The supplier shall not be allowed to outsource any part of the order without written consent from the CLI, except as noted specifically within this purchase order. 
Items with limited shelf life must have 80% shelf life remaining at time of receipt at CLI or are subject to return to supplier.

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