From the simplest to the most complex design, our technical team are here to help you develop your product through a seamless, effortless transition of first concept design right through to final completion. We hold a plethora of material resources as well as state of the art equipment to help you develop the exacting requirements of your product design; whether aeronautical, agricultural, marine, automotive or other industry, we are here to assist you achieve your dream. CLI has the ability to go from a customer supplied design to the finished part, including tooling design, and final product manufacture.

teamwork 4Although our main focus has been the aeronautical industry, and because these advanced, very high specification machines are subjected to highest degree of external forces and stress during the course of a product’s service life-cycle, regardless of application, we are able to benchmark all our products with this same measure of precision, exceptional performance, safety and durability. 

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding service and support, so much so we have received numerous very high profile awards and commendations for the Department of Defense and industry giants such as Bell Textron for product quality and consistent delivery.

Yet irrespective of size, above all CLI has secured an impeccable reputation for tackling what may appear as near impossible projects, doing our utmost to not only fulfil our orders to an excellent standard, but often surpassing our client's expectations. 

Since its foundation, through tireless dedication and tenacious commitment, CLI has taken pride to offer the very best thermoplastic products within our industry; our assiduous drive to introduce ground-breaking advancements in production and durability is verified through our achievement of the highest measure of quality, since product returns have consistently being recorded at below 0.3%.

So whatever your requirements may be, please feel free to contact us and we shall be delighted to discuss ideas and explore avenues to fulfil your expectations and see your product created to the very highest standards within the thermoplastics industry.



CLI specializes in forming stretched acrylic, cast acrylic and polycarbonate for optical applications. We also form fiberglass laminate for window edgings. CLI employs various techniques to achieve precise control of contour while maintaining defect and distortion free optics.

forming smWithin the transparency industry, our specialty is working with bi-axially stretched acrylics, (MIL-PRF-25690), a stronger, crack propagation resistant acrylic, cast acrylics (MIL-PRF-8184 and MIL-PRF-5425), and polycarbonate. CLI employs various industry standard techniques such as drape forming, vacuum forming, wet forming and blow forming to achieve precise control of window contour while maintaining defect and distortion free optics. We can form products on customer supplied tools or assist in the development and build of new tools for specific applications. Working within the structure of our AS9100 certified quality system; we meet or exceed customer requirements for process controls and product inspection.




Hard coats are applied to formed transparencies in our class 100 clean room providing protection from surface damage and environmental degradation. CLI has invested heavily in the technology of hard coats. This investment of time and money allows us to provide solutions for even the most difficult application.

coatingAs a Post-Coater (applying our coatings after they have been formed), we offer the industries' highest level of performance coatings.

1.  Abrasion Resistance
2.  Chemical Resistance
3.  Clarity
4.  Anti-Fog Performance

Our exclusive Polycarbonate Hard-Coat gives you the highest level of performance available today. Our hard-coat repels water better than any temporary window treatment, and will withstand the use of wipers when necessary. CLI can meet customer requirements for silicone based hard coats on polycarbonate and acrylic transparencies. A well-developed process has been perfected to ensure coatings provide lasting protection without negative effects on optical characteristics. Coupon testing is performed after every batch coated to test for adhesion, chemical and environmental resistance, and clarity. CLI has developed a meticulous five-step cleaning process to prepare windows for coating in our class 100 clean room. Fluids are tested every session and environmental conditions are well controlled to give consistent, superior results in the field. CLI has never had a part return for poor performance of the hard coat.



bonding smThermoformed transparencies are custom routed to final size and faying surfaces are carefully prepared for bonding. Formed edgings are then hand-crafted to match the formed windows with precise tolerances. CLI has bonding experience with fiberglass, ABS, kydex, nylon and several other edging materials. We can build assemblies ready for final installation with attachment holes machined, or with excess material for final installation in the field.

We are certified to the following Bell Helicopter process specifications:

4102;  4446;   4458;   4403;   4434;   4351;   4302;   4302;   4581;   4352;   4138

CLI has experience with many adhesives including acrylic based epoxies an urethane. Our plant is also equipped for spray application of military grade primers, top coats and protective coatings.