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For the past twenty-five years, CLI has focused its operation on being at the forefront of technical advancement in the development of new acrylic and polycarbonate forming techniques, with an objective to guarantee the very best optical, aberration-free qualities in our transparencies. In addition, our sister company AcryliCo was the first company to hard-coat polymers in the marine industry for which it was honored by the prestigious IBEX Innovation award.

The technologies and materials used for transparencies within the aviation market have remained largely unchanged for the past 50 years. During this time and throughout the design process, the prime focus has been to achieve minimal weight ratio with best overall production cost. More recently, the focus has shifted somewhat, albeit weight reduction and fuel efficiency are still at the top of the wish list for all aircraft manufacturers. Notwithstanding, understandably, safety is also very much at the forefront of all new development in the transparency market. Since safety and fuel efficiency are paramount, CLI believes no other material is more suitable than Polycarbonate.

Thus CLI has invested a great deal of investment and effort into achieving the very best forming techniques for polycarbonate. Most surprising and unbeknown to many is the outstanding strength of polycarbonate, which has over twenty times the impact resistance of acrylic, yet remarkably is essentially the same weight. So it is, through our application and arduous dedication to achieve perfection, CLI’s techniques now consistently produce the highest quality optics in polycarbonate across the industry, with the added benefit of substantially improved safety.

CLI has also developed the ability to hard coat all of our transparency offerings, in both acrylic and polycarbonate, affording increased durability, and It is this internal ability to develop, form and hard coat all our products which sets us apart from much of the competition.

Since its inception, innovation has very much been a cornerstone of or brand ethos, and our indefatigable credence is to be a market leader in the design and creation of the best acrylic and polycarbonate products. We strive to always think outside of the box and will embrace new production and development techniques, ultimately providing a quality product in an efficient, time conscious, cost effective manner. Most recently, we invested in 3D printing to allow for improved development and prototyping of new concept designs, which cuts further development timelines as well as creating inexpensive small-scale tooling.

In our bid to be excellent stewards of our planet's finite resources, and as part of our commitment to a more balanced environment, CLI is exploring new more sustainable materials. The by-word is “lightening” which entails saving weight wherever possible, thus lessening fuel consumption and power requirements yet achieving similar overall performance.