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CLI is an award winning manufacturer of high performance windshields, windows, canopies and lenses for the OEM. From the simplest to the most complex, our technical resources can afford you complete flexibility and help you develop very specific requirements for your product, whether aeronautical, agricultural, automotive or other industry.

Our company's main focus has been the aeronautical and aerospace industries, with a specialty of working with bi-axially stretched acrylics, (MIL-PRF-25690), a stronger crack propagation resistant acrylic, cast acrylics (MIL-PRF-8184 and MIL-PRF-5425), coated polycarbonate and ABS, which demand the strictest quality controls for fixed wing and rotocraft technologies since these are constantly subjected to extreme external forces such as ultra-high speed, wide temperature variables, and torsional stress during the product’s life-cycle.

Notwithstanding, our exceptional record has secured us a reputation for tackling what may appear as near impossible projects, yet we always fulfil these to an excellent standard, often surpassing our client's expectations. Our assiduous drive to introduce ground-breaking advancements in production and durability is verified through our achievement of the highest measure of quality, since product returns have consistently being recorded at below 0.3%.

More recently our company has diversified and is expanding its business to offer similar products to other industries, notably automotive - (performance and consumer), agricultural, construction, neighborhood electric vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, buses, and private aircraft suppliers. Yet we do not limit our scope to transport, rather more, we can design and create products for any enterprise requiring resilient products created from bi-axially stretched acrylics, (MIL-PRF-25690), crack propagation resistant acrylic, cast acrylics (MIL-PRF-8184 and MIL-PRF-5425), coated polycarbonate and ABS. 




Established in 1986, Control Logistics, Inc., is a major supplier of windows, windshields, canopies and lenses for the US Army, Navy and Air Force. Over time, our outstanding record and comprehensive expertise has afforded us the opportunity to secure many highly sought after accounts with some of the industry's most famous and important manufacturers; industry giants such as Boeing, Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopters.

We hold an exemplary record having delivered thousands of transparencies for many iconic aircraft and helicopters, such as the Bell UH "Huey", and UH-"Black Hawk. Across the board, regardless of size, complexity, application or industry, we apply the same exacting standards to all of our products, so much so, Control Logistics is the only approved supplier of windshields and transparencies for the AH-64 "Apache" and the Department of Defense; similar exclusive contracts are also held with other aircraft.

We have achieved this due to our comprehensive experience, in-depth knowledge of the transparency industry and flawless record for delivering products of exceptional quality and durability. Since its inception, CLI has applied a tireless dedication and tenacious commitment to creating the very best thermoplastic products within our industry, yet ever exploring new avenues and embracing new leading-edge technologies to develop the finest and most durable products.

Control Logistics Inc. is amongst 150 US Department of Defense Qualified Product Listings (QPL), and has received numerous Department of Defense awards, including the prestigious Nunn-Perry Award for its outstanding quality and on-time delivery.