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CLI manufactures a variety of products including: Windshields - (coated and uncoated), Crew door transparencies - (with or without full assembly), Cargo Door Assembly, Chin Bubbles, Skylight Panels, Wingtip Lenses, Inspection Lenses, Observation Windows, Landing Light Lenses, Search and Rescue Bubble Windows as well as protective hard coatings, for Original Equipment Manufacturers and government procurement across the globe. CLI has the ability to go from a customer supplied design to the finished part, including tooling design and manufacture as well as the part production.

As a US Government contractor, our facilities conform to the exacting quality standards of ANS1/ISO/ASQC Q9002, and we currently hold more than 150 US Department of Defence QPL’s. Control logistics has been a Department of Defence medallist for quality and on-time delivery for the past 20 years.

Within the transparency industry, our specialty is working with bi-axially stretched acrylics, (MIL-PRF-25690), a stronger crack propagation resistant acrylic, cast acrylics (MIL-PRF-8184 and MIL-PRF-5425), coated polycarbonate and ABS.



1. Windshields - Coated or Uncoated
2. Crew Door Transparencies – Full Assembly
3. Cargo Door Assemblies
4. Chin Bubbles
5. Skylight Panels
6. Wingtip Lenses
7. Inspection Lenses
8. Observation Windows
9. Landing Light Lenses
10. Search & Rescue Bubble Windows.

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